About Us

Working hard because you can?

We can relate.

What do you get when some hardworking guys decide to take a stand for quality, dependability, service and rewards?

Normal guys who already work hard building our economy opening a brick-and-mortar store and creating an online business to accompany it.

Our passion for rewarding hardworking Americans drove us to start this business.

Ryan once was a diehard motorsports enthusiast — his hobby changed at a young age when he found how rewarding a good, honest hard day’s work felt.

He never did a lot of hunting or fishing; he started working for money when he was 14 years old.

His first paying job was at Northern Power Sports in northern Michigan, doing inventory and cleaning the showroom. He also was a gopher for the mechanics.

Around the same time, he started working at his dad’s log siding business (WoodHaven Log & Lumber), shoveling sawdust, stacking wood and doing grunt work.

He later started running the molder, doing corner setups to cut corner pieces, fill customer orders, load the deck, run the kiln, and eventually began to manage the mill with plans of taking over and owning his dad’s business someday.

Once he had things in line and running at the mill, he started thinking he needed to challenge himself once again and achieve yet another goal.

He loves Carhartt clothing, and his dad bought him his first pair of Red Wing boots.

He appreciates quality clothing, boots and shoes so opening a storefront with online options for customers became an obvious choice.

Like a lot of good ideas, this one was shared with a friend on a golf course.

He uses the word “excited” to describe the way he feels about Blue Collar Clothing because the root of his passion is working people like you. This business is his nod to people pulling their own weight. He believes it’s time to pay special attention to hardworking Americans.

Please connect with us on Facebook and other social media outlets — and keep an eye out for surprises we have in store for customers surely to become friends.